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A “Cool” New Search Engine Joining the Game

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Ex-Google employees have started their own search engine called which is pronounced “cool”. Two ex Google engineers and an Ex IBM employee have started their own search engine which is touted to have indexed more then 121 Billion websites. It appears to be more than anyone else including Google, although Google stopped counting publicly at 8 billion.

So you may ask why would anyone take notice of yet another search engine that is framed out to be the next Google killer?  Well the reason is Google has taken notice. Before Cuil even officially launched Google posted to the Google Blog or Google webmaster blog about the size of the internet, the amount of indexed pages it had and that Google has indexed 1 trillion links.

Needless to say it is very unlike Google to take notice of anything, so this could possibly mean that a few ex-google employees with 33 Million could burst Google bubble.  Who knows.

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