Google’s New Internet Browser Chrome

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Well just as Microsoft released it’s Internet Explorer 8 which has available privacy settings which could potentially make Google’s AdSense ad tracking a lot less targeted, Google releases its own browser. Google has branded this browser as Chrome.

Internet Explorer 8 has added some nice new features. Although many have been available from Firefox for sometime now, it is a welcome sight to many IE users.

Chrome is apparently going to be Google’s first attempt at getting into the internet browser game. Not sure if Google is wise to get themselves into yet another battle, as I think they have been taking on many companies on many fronts, but apparently they feel it necessary now.

I have not been able to spent too much time using Chrome, but it appears to be very “Google”, It appears to take IGoogle one step further. Not quite sure anyone is going to require Chrome to use their I Google, but I am sure that the fans of Google will download it and give it a try.

The browser bar looks like an either-or—you can type in any search term or any website URL and you will be either taken to the Google results page or the corresponding website. It has a tab set up or new tab set up just like Firefox, and the latest versions of IE.  It does have some basic tweaks and customizations, but its galaxies behind any other browser. It appears to be relatively fast, has a clean easy to use interface (very Google) and offers the basic required function of a web browser.

I have a feeling that this is as much of Google making a statment then acually producing a browser to compete with Firefox, Internet Explorer or even Opera.

A “Cool” New Search Engine Joining the Game

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Ex-Google employees have started their own search engine called which is pronounced “cool”. Two ex Google engineers and an Ex IBM employee have started their own search engine which is touted to have indexed more then 121 Billion websites. It appears to be more than anyone else including Google, although Google stopped counting publicly at 8 billion.

So you may ask why would anyone take notice of yet another search engine that is framed out to be the next Google killer?  Well the reason is Google has taken notice. Before Cuil even officially launched Google posted to the Google Blog or Google webmaster blog about the size of the internet, the amount of indexed pages it had and that Google has indexed 1 trillion links.

Needless to say it is very unlike Google to take notice of anything, so this could possibly mean that a few ex-google employees with 33 Million could burst Google bubble.  Who knows.

“Google PR Update coming in next few days”

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Well for the first time, Matt Cutts has announced that the visable Page Rank update as seen in everyone’s Google Toolbar is going to be updated in the next few days. This marks a milestone, as often webmasters around the world discuss when, how, what will change, and simply guess as to when the next PR update is coming. This go around Matt Cutts from Google has formally posted on his blog that the next PR update is going to happen in the next few days.

I applaud Google for advancements in communication and think the more Google shares with the internet community the better, and each little baby step they take in keeping webmasters aware of what is going on at Google and what Google’s plans are, will better the internet community.

I am excited to see this and hope that this upcoming PR update turns out to be everything, that everyone is looking for…

Good New Post to the Offical Google Blog

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Yesterday Google made a good post to their offical Google Search Blog

It is a good read, it does touch a little on SEO (search engine optimization) but it primarily discusses the search experience and how Google has improved search results over the years.

Google Making Changes to SERP’s

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It is becoming more and more evident that Google is making some serious changes to their algorithm. Webmasters around the world are seeing very inconsistent results. It appears that most webmasters agree that wholesale changes began on June 4th 2008, and have been going on ever since. I personally agree with the general population on webmasters. I have been seeing some major changes in results, on a multitude of websites. Some sites that were in the top 10 for say 15 to 20 keywords, bouncing all over down to 30 back up to 2 and so on. Other sites, maybe number 4 now, in 1 hour will be number 9 and then 15 minutes later back to number 3. One day last week, I was just hitting refresh on my browser and I could see the rankings changing real time, I also noticed the search results changing from IE to Firefox although I assume this was just the rapid changes in results being diaplsy only a few seconds apart, although you never know?

One thing I have noticed is, that the shuffling going on seems to be primarily from number 3-10, sites with number 1 ranking are staying put and the number 2 seems pretty solid, but after number 2 your guess is as good as mine as to where your ranking will be in the next 5 minutes.

I have two primary theories, the first one is that this is the new way Google will be displaying results, nearly real time shuffling. This will be with the hopes that people and seo (search engine optimization) companies, will not be able to really track a website’s search engine results. It is quite disturbing to see a site ranked number 3 one minute and number 10 the next. The difference in traffic from 3 to 10 can be 1000%.

My second theory is that Google is making major changes, and attemtping to implement a large scale change to their algorithm. While they are doing this they are constantly tweaking, testing and changing and this is causing the massive swings in results.

On a different topic, I am seeing penalties being potentially thrown around a lot more often, I am quite certain that in the last month I have seen or spoke to website owners and webmasters that are certain they have gotten penalties for certain keywords. They wake up one day with a -30 or -60, the problem is they appear to be somewhat short lived. The next day they will be bouncing all over the place, at times they can be 9 and 15 minutes later -90. I am not sure if this is also tied to the algorithm changes or if this is the “new way” of Google doing things.

In summary some crazy things are going on in Google’s search results and personally they are not good. It really seems that Google is more interested in staying in control, then they are in giving their users a good experience. I think they better keep their eye on the ball, as their search engine directory (remember what Google is) is only good as long as users like it and continue to use it. With these types of results, I think most users will start to become disenchanted with Google results bouncing all over the place. Personally I often search for a keyword (say cars), and make a mental note  that the 3rd result was the website I wanted to go back to, but now I can do the same search and that site might not even be on the first page.

The Future of Search? Search

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I have been reading about a new search engine called search me

It has an excellent user interface, it appears to be always displaying 3 search results per page, which would heavily increase the importance of being in the top three search results. It is easy to navigate, and is very effective way to shop. It allows you to make judgment calls ahead of time, so you do not waste your time clicking on site that you would have no interest in seeing. An interface and user experience like this will accelerate the speed of search.

In looking at the log files, it appears that their spider is running some type of javascript that allows them to capture everything on your site and allow them to display your entire home page within the search results.

search me

This graphic interface is hot, but the system resources required to scale this type of searching would be enormous. I would imagine they would need a huge amount of infrastructure for this to work efficently.

The search results appear to be heavily weighted towards the URL; a few searches display results with the search term as part of the sites URL are always on top. Needless to say, a great interface is a good start, but the right search results is paramount.

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